LaFloripondio started in 1991 in Villa Alemana, Chile, led by Aldo Asenjo, singer and composer of the famous cumbia group, Chico Trujillo. The band began playing a strange mix of punk, funk and progressive rock – similar to King Crimson- in the few places that existed at the time and they released their first tape “Muriendo con las Botas Puestas” (1993).

“Paria” (2005) is his fifth studio album. It shows a solid band oiled in hundreds of concerts in America and Europe. It was produced between Chile and Germany with the participation of the famed Rod Gonzalez from the German band Die Ärzte. It’s an album focused on the reggae/dub and ska, more relaxed than before, the first with a sound that does justice to the band. It was released in colaboration with Miranada in a small edition of 500 cds, sold out and hard to find today.

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